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Evidence-based fitness and nutrition information.


If your supplement stack includes glutamine for muscle growth or gut health, you definitely aren't alone. However, for most healthy people, there isn't enough evidence to say that adding an isolated glutamine supplement does much at all.
Most fitness enthusiasts dedicate specific periods of time throughout the year to focus on cutting to lose body fat, or bulking to gain muscle mass. But what about losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time?
Melatonin has become quite a controversial ingredient, with many health influencers and practitioners cautioning against its use. In this article, we review the literature demonstrating the efficacy of melatonin as well as the safety concerns associated with melatonin supplementation.
Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in the world, and it's especially popular as a pre-workout ergogenic aid for hitting the gym. But it is a drug, after all, which begs the question: how much caffeine is dangerous ?
BCAAs are a popular supplement among fitness folks looking to maximize their muscle gain. But a closer look at the science reveals that BCAA supplements might be a waste of money when compared to whole protein sources, such as whey.
Figuring out your maintenance calorie requirements is the first step for making a game plan towards your fitness goals. Here's how to calculate daily calorie requirements, the practical way.
Protein intake is an important factor for building muscle, but there are plenty of myths about protein that can confuse the issue. Let's debunk the most common protein myths.