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Layne Norton Deadlifting
Layne Norton Deadlifting

Anchored in a combination of cutting-edge science and time-tested research, Outwork formulations are designed to support your training goals without making overhyped promises or exaggerated claims.

Layne Norton - Founder of Outwork Nutrition

Layne Norton founded Outwork Nutrition in 2020. A veteran of the fitness industry, Layne saw a need for more transparency in the dietary supplement market. With his science-driven approach, Layne seeks to educate and empower consumers to see through the marketing BS so often employed in the nutrition space.

With the founding of Outwork Nutrition, Layne brings his ethos to the dietary supplement industry. All Outwork product formulations are based on peer-reviewed scientific research. No proprietary blends, no gimmicks, and no empty promises; just hard work and serious science.

Who We Are

Layne Norton, PHD


Known the world over as ‘Biolayne’, Layne Norton built a loyal following with his ruthless and unapologetic approach to exposing the lies and exaggerations of the fitness industry.

His mission is hyper-focused and unwavering: to crush BS with science.

• PHD Nutritional Sciences (With Honors)

• BS Biochemistry (With Honors)

• Drug Free Pro Bodybuilder

• Drug Free Pro Powerlifter

• Author of acclaimed book Fat Loss Forever

• Co-Founder of Carbon Diet Coach

Dr Joey Munoz

Joseph Munoz, PHD

Science Advisor

Joey Munoz is an experienced Nutrition and Physique Coach who has a passion for lifting, educating, and eating delicious food!

His mission is to give everyone the tools and knowledge necessary to take control of their health, and improve their lives.

• PHD Nutritional Sciences

• BS Nutrition & Food Science

• Physique Coach

• Health & Fitness Influencer