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Orders & Shipping

Orders are packed and shipped Monday-Friday.

All orders require one (1) business day processing time before shipment.Please keep that in mind when comparing average transit times.

PLEASE NOTE: The carrier may not update tracking info until your package is delivered.

US orders generally arrive within 3-7 business days, but may take longer due to weather delays, or seasonality and increased e-commerce shipping volume.

International orders vary based on country, but typically arrive within 14-21 business days. Customs may cause additional delays.

Once your order ships, we will email you a shipment confirmation that includes your tracking number and a link to the carrier's tracking page.

We currently ship from the USA to Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

International orders ship DUTIES UNPAID. This means that you may be charged additional customs/duties fees, separate from your order. If so, DHL or a partner carrier will contact you to pay those fees prior to delivery.

We do not have control over these charges.

Yes, you are responsible for paying any duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees.

The carrier will contact you separately for these charges, should any arise.

Product Questions

We don't specify calorie content on the Pre-Workout and Recovery bottles because the total calories per serving are negligible. In fact, FDA product label guidelines would dictate 0 calories per serving.

However, Pre-Workout and Recovery technically do contain a trace amount of carbohydrate in the form of sucralose, as well as tart cherry extract in Recovery.

For tracking purposes, we recommend 4 calories or less per serving (0.5g to 1g carbohydrate).

Some people may experience a tingling sensation when using the Pre-Workout. This is a harmless effect caused by the Beta-Alanine. Some people are more sensitive to it than others, but it should wane over time the more you use it.

The ingredients in the Pre-Workout are extremely hygroscopic. The moment you break the seal, the powder will start pulling in moisture from the air (even with the lid on.) Some caking or clumping is normal after a few weeks, and is easily remedied by shaking the bottle vigorously before use.

We recommend finishing the bottle within 60 days after opening. If you use the Pre-Workout infrequently, or if you're juggling multiple flavors at once, you can store the bottles in the freezer to help prevent moisture build up.

Recovery is not timing-dependent. You may use it anytime during the day that is convenient. The effects are cumulative, so taking it consistently is the most important part.

We recommend taking Recovery at least 5 days per week, including rest days. You can use it everyday if you want to.

Yes, Pre-Workout, Recovery, Build, and Sleep are lab tested and contain <10ppm (less than 10 parts per million) gluten.


Please use our contact page to submit questions.

Not at this time, but we may add one in the future.

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