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Evidence-based fitness and nutrition information.


Are high reps or low reps best? The truth may surprise you!
Is that influencer you follow a reliable source of nutrition info? Here are 5 key things to consider.
Learn about TRT and who it is for, including potential drawbacks and benefits.
Learn about Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training and how it can help muscle growth.
We dive in to the IARC's classification of aspartame as a possible carcinogen.
Let's look at the pros and cons of barbells and dumbbells and how to best incorporate them in our training.
Is intermittent fasting a shortcut to fat loss success? Or simply another tool in your toolkit. We take a look at the research.
Is sucralose toxic to your DNA? Not so fast... we dive in and take a closer look.
Pre-workout nutrition strategies to help you perform your best in the gym.