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Overcoming All Obstacles to WIN

Layne Norton wins Powerlifting Nationals

I recently competed in my best powerlifting meet in almost a decade and clinched my 5th National title and 3rd consecutive M1 National title.

Winning these national titles has absolutely been a dream come true.

But this time, it wasn't just about the medals and records. It was about proving to myself that I could overcome the hardest obstacles.

You see, the road to victory hasn't been easy...

Layne Norton powerlifter

Over the past 9 years, I faced numerous injuries and setbacks.

I dealt with constant pain, multiple herniated & bulged lumbar discs, partial tears in both hips, partially torn left pec, herniated discs in my cervical spine, and a partially torn adductor.

Each injury tested my limits, both physically and mentally.

There were so many failed comebacks and seemingly endless setbacks.

There were times when I questioned if I could continue.

But deep down, I always believed I hadn’t hit my last personal records yet. That belief kept me going, even when the path seemed impossible.

Layne Norton squats

This meet was a testament to my perseverance and resilience.

When I stood there lifting those weights, it wasn’t just about the numbers.

It was about every moment of doubt, and every ounce of determination.

After nearly a decade of failure... I proved myself right.

I ended up breaking the deadlift national record in my weight class and brought home the gold. My final numbers:

SQUAT: 292.5kg/644lbs (my biggest squat in 9 years at this bodyweight)
BENCH: 170kg/374lbs (my biggest bench in 9 years at this bodyweight)
DEADLIFT: 325.5kg/717lbs (my all time personal record at this bodyweight, biggest deadlift since 2017 at this bodyweight, and national record)

Layne Norton celebrates victory

    I never stopped believing. But more importantly... I NEVER stopped working and trying to learn and improve.

    A phrase I said to myself many times:

    No matter the obstacle
    No matter the enemy
    No matter the frustration
    No matter the tears
    No matter the FAILURE
    You are NEVER out of the fight ❤️

    I want you to remember this: no matter what setbacks you face, you are never out of the fight.

    Keep pushing, stay determined, and believe in yourself.

    You have the strength to overcome anything.

    Layne Norton Wins Powerlifting Nationals

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